I'll tell you now in case you ain't heard
but I've just finished with my latest bird
She said she loved loved me all that sloppy stuff
She worshipped my body she couldn't get enough
She's every man's dream in her lingerie
but God did she nag about match of the day

Supermodels, supermodels
They are so vain and such a pain
Supermodels, supermodels
I ain't going out with you again

She wouldn't do a thing 'round the home
Yet she'd check her hair just to answer the phone
I should have known that it wouldn't last
Me + supermodels are a thing of the past

Tits out, stomach in
I've just come back from the gym
Paris, London, New York, Rome
I want my tea when I get home

Plastic smile, plastic charm
Dozy rock star on my arm
Loads of clothes, loads of poses
Loads of cocaine up our noses


So you are giving up drinking
You've given up fun
You're staying at home now
and getting things done
So you've given up drinking
well that's up to you
You know too much thinking
It ain't good for you

You've just quit smoking
and you say no to drugs
Now you've finished with joking
'cos you've fallen in love

Well I'm not giving up drinking
I'm not giving up fun
I'm going out now
I'm gonna take lots of drugs


Sitting in my easy chair
smoking a joint, ain't got a care
I'm unheard, I'm unseen
Chilling out watching TV
She comes 'round with a gift for me
I'm feeling high, I'm feeling free
Going out, gonna hit the town
Ain't coming back till I come down

I'm feeling down, feeling low
She says to me c'mon let's go
pays for me at every place
Puts the smile back on my face

You take me, you break me, you wake me up
and you shake my world

Out of the blue I'm on fire
burning sexual desire
In her eyes I see the flame
that tells me she feels the same


The 80's brought a wave of greed
You all bought flats you didn't need
You really thought you'd got it made
You fell into trap they laid

Mr Mortgage, now you're poor
bailiffs knocking at your door
Climb inside your cardboard box
Squatters in and change the locks

Mr Mortgage, mr Mortgage
with your pokey little flat
Don't you know I've got a big house
and the council pays for that

With each recession brings the sack
You know your wife ain't coming back
Monthly repayments are a must
Now all your dreams have turned to dust


Oh yeah, you've been to India
where you took some drugs
Well do you think I care?
Oh yeah, you've been to the states
New York to L.A. you had it all on a plate

Hey, hey, you bore me
Hey, hey, with your stories
Hey, hey, you bore me
Hey, hey, I've heard it all before

So what, you're a friend to the stars
Fast girls and fast cars
and all the V.I.P. bars
So what, you've got money to burn
I've heard it all before
When will you learn?


I'm walking on fire
I'm painting the whole sky blue
Can't control my desire
Can't keep my hands off of you

There's one thing I can't resist

Jungle sensitivity
Feeling like a child
Take a trip to the root of my tree
Send me running wild

I'm climbing mountains
for those peaks of pleasure
I'm spending fortunes
on a life of leisure


What's it to be rich
Does it tear you apart
when all the girls are aboard
and your yacht won't start
Does it piss you off
make you wanna cry
You're so fucking rich
there's nothing left to buy

Well this is you
You're a sad jetsetter
Give it all to me
You will feel feel much better

What's it like to be rich
It must be a pain
Everyday you drink the best champagne
I bet your life you must be depressed
It's all for you nothing but the best


No more hearts no more flowers
No more stupid games of power
No more lies no more trust
No more shameless nights of lust
No love songs no romance
Not another game of chance
No blind dates or one night stands
No groupies sleeping with the band

No more strangers in my bed
No more sex 'cos love is dead

I don't love you anymore
Not sure I even did before
All alone and feeling better
Forgetting times we spent together


The baby crawls, the baby crowls
To all concerned in fits and snarls
The baby burns unbridled thoughts
to rise again above it all

Yeah down to the dog society
Bow wow to the dog society

Don't turn to run, don't break my fall
'cos you'll die young, so will we all
Be a better man yeah be yourself
and join the band of the new fox cult


You wonder why the sky is blue
You really haven't got a clue
You sit and watch your house burn down
We don't need you to hang around
Waiting for a break to make the same mistake

You're just chasing shadows

So now today I wake and see
There's nothing in this world for me


You'll see my name on a street of stars
but I can't cope now with all the empty bars
Well it's one step forward three steps back
Your pockets empty, knife in your back

I said you're just
a bad loser

You've been running around
telling everybody we're shit
well you can sling your mud
but you sure won't make it stick
You always dreamt you'd be front page
but now your head is filled with rage

You always said that I was the fool
but I'm here to tell you that
you're a bad loser


Buy, buy, buy, buy
Sell, sell, sell, sell
Buy, sell, buy, buy
Ftse's gone up
Let's pop some corks
and fax New York

Let's do lunch

Talk, talk, talk, talk
Eat, eat, eat, eat
Snort, snort, snort, snort
Two heart attacks
I'm in the red
and nearly dead

Your life, your life
is shite


Drugs, I like to take them
They expand my mind
Don't care what anyone says
We know that this is true
It's up to us not up to

We love ganja

Life, ain't gonna waste it
Ain't gonna work
Got better things to do
Drugs, we're gonna take them
We'll do what we want
You do what you want to do